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A washable sports bag that’s made with quality and is very durable and easy to use. Keep your sweaty smelly clothes in the bag and odours sealed in and away from your other items and of course other people around you. Perfect for lunchtime runs and gym sessions or any other activity where you are out on the go and not coming straight home to the washing machine. It could do with a shoulder strap but still it proves to be very useful and as I am out on lunchtime runs and Taekwondo sessions in the evening, I would get one. This also goes for gym goers I can imagine this would be very useful for them. Price: Standard: £25 & Heavy Duty £30
  • Very well made and durable (100% Polyester)
  • Simple to use
  • No shoulder strap
Quality - 9.2
Price - 7.5

The STNKY Bag is a washable sports/gym bag that you can chuck your post workout sweaty clothes into after your run (or other sporting activities) it will lock the odour in so you can keep your sweaty clothes separate from other items you may be carrying or somewhere to store clothes perhaps after a morning or lunchtime workout wear you have to head to work. It eliminates having to just chuck your sweaty clothes in your backpack/bag or even briefcase.

Once you are home you simply turn the bag inside out with the cloths still inside and chuck it in the washing machine then hang up to dry or tumble dry and your ready to go again.

How to use The STNKY Bag
The STNKY Bag is very easy to use in four steps

  1. Put all your dirty clothes in your stinky bag (you can also put shoes in there but I know some people feel they can ruin the shape of running shoes if put in the washing machine but everyone is different).
  2. Once you get home unzip the other end of the STNKY Bag and flip the bag inside out (no need to touch your sweaty gear)
  3. Throw your STNKY bag with clothes inside into your washing machine and once clean hang to dry or throw straight into the tumble dryer. There is a video from the company themselves just to show how simple the bag is to use:

My personal experience of the STNKY Bag
STNKY were kind enough to send me out a sample of The STNKY bag to test out although the concept of the bag is quite simple, I was excited to actually put the bag to use and see how things worked out.

I often run at work during my lunch break throughout the week so this bag seemed perfect for that alone. Being honest I take a long material sports bag where my whole kit goes in for work which will be running shoes, running vest (top in the winter), running shorts, running socks, boxer shorts, towel and headphones. Once I get back from my lunchtime run, I literally just sling my sweaty clothes into the bag with my shoes and headphones and take it back to my desk or use a locker if one is available. Its not an ideal situation and actually yeah it does stink later on and the sweat just stays on the cloths which is next to my shoes and headphones and it makes the bag I currently use pretty stinky as well.

So Finally, I get to use The STNKY Bag. Back from my run I simply unzip one end of the bag and chuck my sweaty clothes in (shoes are optional that’s up to you) the mesh part of the bag which is then zipped up and taken with me or put into my other work bag. The sweaty clothes are now sealed and no odours getting onto my other bag or on anything else I may be carrying and of course no one else will get the pleasure of smelling my post workout clothes.

Once I am home I unzip the other end of The STNKY bag and flip it inside out which reveals my clothes in the mesh bag. Then its as simple as chucking it into the washing machine. I have done both with a normal wash (so with other clothes in the machine) and separately as you can imagine it does not make a difference. Once finished I tumble dried The STNKY bag of course with the clothes still inside it. And that’s it your good to go again it really is as simple as that. I understand not everyone has a tumble drier which is fine just hang up outside to dry or even use a towel rail.

One thing I did really like was that when my washing and drying was complete, I can just take the whole bag to work again as it already is unless of course you iron your running gear!

No more stinking out my usual work bag and its out of contact with other items in my workbag and no one else has to smell my sweat. I actually went on a work run stored the clothes in The STNKY bag and went on a run the next day with different running clothes and chucked them in it as well because it just seemed the easiest thing to do at the time and you don’t have to then wash your clothes on the day after each use. I found that pretty useful and would happily do a few days worth of kit. That of course will depend how much you run. I got the 26 Litres heavy duty STNKY bag (18 X 25 inches) which is actually quite a large bag! A standard bag would do just a great a job you just have less room. The standard bag fits 13 Litres (14 X 18 inches)

At times you might only be carrying The STNKY bag separately and one thing missing was a shoulder strap it’s not a biggy but I personal would like to see that added on.

Although primarily this is our running website, I also take part in Taekwondo twice a week which is actually more bulkier clothes to wear during a lesson then running gear is. This was ideal again as after the lesson I am pouring with sweat usually from sparring and I get changed and chuck my Taekwondo clothes in the bag. Wash, Dry and voila there ready to go again.

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